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We’re proud of our team, the value we bring to our amazing clients, and the importance of our work together to realize their unique dreams and goals. We feel their excitement and successes, and their pains and setbacks.

We invite you to join us in unleashing breakthroughs:

Peak Performance, Leader Development, & Business Growth

Jon Taber
change agent & community advocate

entrepreneur & educator

Visionary leader, CEO of 17 companies, consultant to Fortune 500 firms, radio personality, author, speaker and coach, Jon propels his clients with powerful, transformational strategies, creating Conscious Leadership in their lives & businesses.

Jon's Media Kit

Jon Taber


inspiring speaker & author

Jon has led more than 18 organizations as a leader in over 11 industries, including sports health and medicine, software development, and more. Today, he’s talking to dozens of universities and colleges, Fortune 500 companies, government, non-profit and other organizations in growing their organizations, embrace change, quickly overcome adversity, confusion, and complexity.

mentor & regular guy

He’s a published author and co-author, a regular contributor in media platforms and blogs, and co-host and guest of radio shows and television through Live Strong America. Every day, Jon leads his teams in a continuing focus on serving others and our communities. To grow, inspire, and thrive.

Stephanie May
bringer of momentum

Stephanie J May


crafting your genius

An execution and performance leader and business growth specialist, Stephanie embodies the power of momentum with an energy all her own. A probable serial entrepreneur and content creator, she displays a contagious excitement as she helps her clients in experiencing the transformation of their ideas and dreams into reality.

Steph's Media Kit

coach, mentor, & educator

With over 35 years of expertise in business growth, peak performance, and personal development, she’s been the CEO/COO of over 10 companies, served on the boards of a few others, helping to bring their unique genius to life. As a start-up maven, she was part of a core team to lead one of the companies onto the INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies list 5 years in a row.

spirited speaker & advocate

Today, Stephanie takes her unique style, powerful message, and business savvy to individuals and companies around the country, sharing the same tenaciousness and unwillingness to quit that helped her survive and thrive after years of domestic abuse, and a dominant force as a businesswoman, leader, and activist.

Street Smart Partners
leadership & momentum in action

Please meet our genius partners (we’re somewhat biased, admittedly). They are awesome, incredible, and phenomenal human beings, dedicated to the success of their clients, their communities, and the world we live in.

Dennis G. Shaver

Entrepreneurial Leadership & Product Development

American entrepreneur, international best selling author, speaker, coach, trainer and former Fortune 500 leader, Dennis empowers Entrepreneurial Leadership, championing an innovative spirit throughout organizations

Dr. Ravi Rajaratnam

Digital Leadership & Technical Guru

Business strategist, leadership expert, speaker, coach, mentor, & philanthropist, Dr. Ravi develops and implements Digital Leadership, comprehensive strategies across various industries, organizations and operating environments.

Our team at Street Smart Insights is proud (and excited as heck) to administer and manage operational and other functions as decided for AT2. Please contact us at 916.750.2156 with any questions or other issues.

Paul Hoyt

Financial Leadership & Business Strategy

Business consultant, coach, and best-selling author, has led hundreds of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and executives from around the globe through their unique journeys of growth and discovery. His expertise, strong passion, and comfort “from the boardroom to the boiler room” propels his clients in reaching the business and personal success they want.

Rebecca Gordillo

Virtual Guru Assistant

Our awesome support team includes this talented lady who helps keep us all connected, on track, and taking care of business like we're supposed to.

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