You Say Plagiarism, We Say Activism

Here’s the thing. Ok, here’s another thing. In the beginning, most new businesses are struggling to find the right words for all the different projects they’re working on. Consistent messaging is critical, and there all the various websites and landing pages, sales and marketing collateral, email campaigns and blog posts, business plans and investor materials, and a whole lot more.

That’s why there are lots of wordsmiths, marketing companies, and other talented people with many years of experience you’ll want on your team to help you. In the meantime, here’s some tips to help get those creative juices and that genius inside of ya flowing.  

Use your research and information you have about your competition to check out…everything. What’s working for them, and what’s not. How are their websites setup, how much info do they contain, and what do their emails look like? See what phrases, headlines, and other info they’re using in their marketing collateral. You’ll notice patterns in the offerings, colors and fonts you like and dislike, words and phrases that resonate with you, and the numerous ways in which your product/service varies – or could vary – from all the others.

We don’t recommend copying and pasting what you find directly into your own materials – though you CAN use what you find as a starting point.

Always have a list of features and benefits for your products/services handy. Don’t have one? Start one. An ever-evolving process, this one. As skills and knowledge grows and feedback comes in, you’ll be able to hone and refine the words used to carry your messages.

What are your competitors saying? How are they saying it, and why? Look to the data on your target market. What messages are they looking for, and how can you phrase things to get them to take the next steps?

Let your creativity flow. You’ll write stuff you hate and stuff you love. Refer to all the ‘stuff’ you’ve copied and written down, posted on your wall, jingles stuck in your mind. Add some humor. And then let it go. It takes time, experience, lots of customer feedback, and more to develop the perfect combination of words.

And as they say, if there’s one thing that constant, it’s change. The words you love today may not work tomorrow. There are few writers who wouldn’t want to make fresh changes or updates to works they’ve written, no matter how many times they review the work.

Gentle reminder, we’re here to help – let’s make it happen!

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