Five Simple Steps for Biz Momentum

Anybody who’s worked with me or lived with me knows that I’m a checklist gal. That’s because it’s a process that works, and I love processes that work. Who doesn’t, right? That’s why I love these five steps. Because it’s a simple process that works, that facilitates new possibilities and releases the power of momentum.

It doesn’t really matter what stage of business you’re in. Or where you are personally or professionally. At certain points, it’s necessary to step back and check in, to take stock of what’s working and what’s not. To make any needed adjustments to ensure forward movement can continue in the right direction.

These powerful five steps can help you at any level, both for your business, and for yourself, to design the framework you want.

Step One: Set Your Vision: Get clear on where you want to go, and define your vision of the future, for you and your business. Having all those dreams and goals rolling around in your head is not the same thing as articulating and documenting them, in colorful detail. I urge my clients to also consider that their visions for their businesses is typically not the same as the vision for themselves. Get all that out and set your future in motion.

Step Two: Know Your Status: Take a deep breath. You are where you are and there’s wins of all sizes to celebrate, and things to get to work on. Explore your position to understand your stage of business, what’s working and what’s not. Stay open and flexible as you take note of your and your teams’ strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Again, for you personally and professionally, and for those of your business.

Step Three: Get a Plan: Build one of those step-by-step plans, including a budget. Look for any gaps, considering contingency plans and exit strategies. Start with actions and strategies over the next 30, 60, and 90 days. Focus on what you can do to work past challenges to and reach your goals without wasting valuable resources, and get support in creating longer term plans.

Step Four: Gather Your Resources: Get all that you’ll need to move forward and implement your plans: leadership, communication, operational and other skills, awesome team and talent, reliable backing and sufficient funding, coaches and mentors, and whatever else you’ve identified. You probably don’t need everything to get started, so do what you can with the time and resources you already have as you keep going. Success doesn’t need perfection.

Step Five: Execute and Follow-up Tenaciously: Take massive, focused action, and implement your plans. Be ready to adapt, to improvise, and to overcome any challenges. Set your intentions, keep working your inner and outer games, and continue to move forward as much as you can every day. Life happens, and moving forward every day does not mean you need to work yourself into bad health, or suffer from sleep deprivation. It could mean simply taking a few minutes to stop and rest, to breath deep and check in with yourself, to find a moment and indulge in a little of that self-care everybody’s talking about.

Another thing I know to be true. Every day I keep learning, many times finding I’m re-learning, adding more layers to thoughts and beliefs. Which is what happened after Tiger Wood’s recent victory. His win felt like a personal win for me – for a lot of us. His persistence and hard work allowed him to overcome whatever personal and professional stucks, obstacles, and demons (some would say) he was dealing with. He developed a mindset that sustained him, and he did not give up. That kind of tenacity and mastery of both the inner and outer games that he and so many others embrace continues to inspire and motivate me. They remind me to take a little celebratory lap for myself and for all the others, and for all that we’ve accomplished.

It’s time to get your genius out into the world. Let’s make it happen.

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