It’s Time to
Extraordinary Results.


Get What You Want in Life and Business.
Ignite your Strengths and Creativity.

For the Strong Hearted and Determined

An Invitation to Join an Insight Mastery Team Today!


An Opportunity to Transform
Your Consciousness, Creativity, Communication, and Leadership Skills

Grow Into the Powerful Being You Continue to Dream About, and SOAR!

Emerge inspired and balanced, and wake up every day with…

  • A controlled energy and new momentum in your work and personal lives
  • Revitalized relationships, a powerful awareness, and expanded mindfulness
  • The know-how to more easily develop new skills and embrace solutions, building on strengths and results

Insight: a conscious realization and alignment with thoughts and wisdom from your higher-self and inner guidance; a mindfulness about your perceptions, interpretations, and connections with your desires, actions, and outcomes; an intuitive ability to remain attentive of your thoughts and resulting behaviors to stay on the path of least resistance toward your desired goals.

This is for you if you are…

  • A person with vision for their future who thinks BIG and strives to make a difference
  • Seeking a community of remarkable people who inspire and support you
  • Think outside the lines, challenge and disrupt the status quo
  • Thrive on producing solutions and value with everything you do
  • Are personally acquainted with disapproval or failure and never let it stop you from achieving what you truly desire
  • Strive to achieve greater freedom for yourself and others
  • Love to relax, play and have fun while uncovering hidden knowledge and a better life

“My participation accelerated major increases in my personal value, my influence, power, and marketability for key roles in life and business. I loved my new awareness and creative skills, and was amazed at my ability to portray myself as an authentic thought leader. LOVED the Mastery Teams!
~ JT, Olympic Swimmer

Mastery Team Schedules

All teams launch on weekends: Friday-Sunday with new Teams launching all the time!

Teams meet virtually, live, and sometimes both!

Call 916.750.2156

for complete schedule and details about the next available Mastery Team!


Structured and designed to meet your specific wants and needs,
and more for your ultimate success!


A 1-yr program with additional support from Jon, Stephanie, and Street Experts.


A 1-yr commitment designed w/ convenience for targeted needs.


A 6-mo program to support growing journeys and affordability.


A 3-mo program to meet more specific, short-term goals.

How this unique, interactive program works:

  • Insight Mastery Teams are intentionally kept small, between 4-9 individuals, and require an individual commitment and confidentiality, a willingness to be creative and brainstorm solutions, and be open to challenges affecting people from different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Members act as sparks and catalysts for growth, for themselves and others on the Team, by sharing experiences, discussing opportunities, exchanging ideas, playing devil’s advocate, evaluating solutions and supporting each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.
  • You’ll meet with your Team twice every month, using a combination of in-person or online for about 60-90 minutes.
  • And each Team includes a Facilitator, a trained, experienced coach and mentor for individual coaching to improve their personal performance and experiences.

You (and your partner or spouse), will be guided and supported by experts with
extensive business and growth experiences, leaders, managers and professionals

A Powerful Experience

Integrating your Inner and Outer Games to achieve what’s important to you.
Unleash advanced communication, brainstorming and problem solving techniques to jump-start your creativity and achieve your desired outcomes.
Receive proven guidance from caring people who are ready and willing to help.
Learning to minimize and weaken confusion, isolation, and fear.

Develop your skills as a leader and discover potential solutions to your day-to-day issues, especially dealing with:

  • Selling your ideas, products and services
  • Money, cash flow and expenses
  • Power, authority and responsibilities
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Accountability for individual and group performance
  • Recruitment and retention

Of course there are bonuses!

  • Each program includes One-on-one 60-min Mastery Sessions with Jon, Stephanie, and/or your Facilitator and other Team Experts to ensure you get the right support at the right time.
  • A copy of Jon Taber’s book: “Child’s Play” in Breaking Barriers, and a couple of other books, reports, and more great stuff from the Street Smart Team.
  • Access to Mastery Membersite, an online resource center with more education, videos, audios, tools and resources needed to implement ideas generated through the Insight Mastery process, and accelerate your success.
  • Two Tickets to a Street LIVE EVENT to launch and continue your program, with keynote speakers, facilitators, coaches, and other experts in their fields to support your growth, expansion, and unique needs.
  • One-on-one access with your Facilitator and teammates, and email access to Jon, Stephanie, and the Street Team for those more urgent needs in-between meetings.
  • There’s more spiffy stuff that you’ll hear all about when we talk together about the next Mastery Team.

CALL 916.750.2156

For program schedules and complete details about the right program for you.

Create a different consciousness. Join today.

“Most significant business breakthroughs are preceded by a personal breakthrough of some kind.”

– Not sure where this quote came from, but we love it and might take credit for it every once in a while…