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More than 93% of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and business professionals base their success on coaching, mentoring and attention to their personal development.

Stuff  happens fast. Your future is NOW.

If you’re ready to do what you’ve been wanting to do for who knows how long, if you’re ready to change what’s not working anymore and find what does, you’re at the right place.

Powerful Transformations In
Leadership Development, Peak Performance, and Business Growth

Our team has been making it happen for our clients for a long time. We focus on both your Inner and Outer Games, integrating the different roles you play to achieve what’s important to you.

Our programs support the needs and growth of teams and co-workers, entrepreneurs and business owners, executives and professionals, and individuals in one-on-one relationships. And our work together isn’t based on a scripted program. It’s based on YOU, and what we decide to accomplish together.

What we know to be true:

Business Growth Requires Professional Growth,
Which Accelerates With Personal Growth

Every day, we as a team help our clients, and ourselves, join the world’s most successful individuals to work and focus on different levels simultaneously.

To gain clarity on where we are, and where we want to go. To create the plans, strategies, and actions needed to get there.

To use astonishingly simple and easy means to identify and overcome adversities and setbacks.

To gain the know-how to craft new work and life skills and the ability to embrace solutions, building on your strengths and opportunities.

To find a new energy, expanded awareness and mindfulness.

To experience a new momentum in your work and personal lives.


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It’s time for a reset. It’s time to make it happen.

See how our clients did it: they rock, and we can prove it.

"I have worked with Jon for many years, and have witnessed his phenomenal skills in capital presentations, meetings, managing & training team, and more. His organizational and leadership expertise was critical in leading a corp merger, and then serving as CEO of new entity. His talents and expertise shine as speaker, trainer, and leader for any co."

Lee Wise

"Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with. Her creativity and boundless enthusiasm, along with her business savvy, organizational and writing abilities, brought badly needed structure and logic to my business. I was so relieved for her amazing event management skills, and the two of us made an unbeatable pair! I recommend Stephanie to everybody and anybody I can."

Dr. Leslie Hewitt, DC

Magic of Insight Series

Leadership, Creativity and Communication Programs

Our LEADERSHIP and COMMUNICATION programs support the needs and growth of individuals, co-workers, executives, and businesses. They foster the development of consciousness, of strengths, self-confidence, and abilities. You’ll gain new skills and different perspectives, leverage interactive platforms for improved communication, collaboration, and cooperation. Learn more...

PERFORMANCE and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT programs embrace astonishingly simple means to bring new levels of effectiveness to your personal, professional, and business lives. Embody a grounded awareness that strengthens intuition, focus, and spiritual connections, and more. Let's get started!

Our BUSINESS GROWTH & EXPANSION programs help CEO's and entrepreneurs prepare and deal with the challenges of running, building, and growing a successful, scalable and profitable business. They focus on understanding strengths, limitations, opportunities and risks, to help you work and focus on multiple levels simultaneously. Ready, go!

Power of Intention Series

Performance and Execution Programs & Services

Did you know that success is 97% IMPLEMENTATION and MOMENTUM? And more than 98% of individuals (AND businesses) report they have critical, important projects and actions they needed to take, but for whatever reason, are stagnating. These programs include Done-For-You services, and support the needs of individuals and businesses wanting to change the status quo.

COMMUNICATION, LANGUAGE AND PERFORMANCE programs focus on the methods and mindset of peak performance, our inner games, our communication and language habits Most of our employees' and teams' professional and personal development happens with coaching and mentoring, and on the job experiences. It's time to grow, inspire, and thrive.

BUSINESS START-UPS, SYSTEMS, & CONTENT series focus on systems, sales and marketing campaigns, processes and structure, startup strategies and planning, content development, and more, including our Done-For-You support. Your genius is waiting to embrace the world. We're ready to rock it with you. Your turn.

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